Please e-mail hello@ittybittytittygoods.com for any additional questions.

How do I care for my Itty Bitty Titty Goods?

Your tees require a little bit of love in order to preserve their life.

We recommend washing your items turning them inside out and using a delicate setting, or cold water with a low spin. We do not recommend heat, in any part of your wash regime. Hot water or a Hot Dryer will possibly shrink or fade your garments. Please hang dry your items outside (away from the sun) whenever possible. Items that have been worn and/or washed cannot be returned or exchanged.

Do you take returns or exchanges?

We do not accept returns. As a small business, we cannot absorb the cost of returns, so please make sure your item will be loved in your home before purchasing. For tees and other apparel items: we do offer a one-time exchange, however, if another size is needed. As long as it is not worn or otherwise used we can accept an exchange. The buyer is responsible for exchange shipping fees. Please reach out to us within 5 days of receiving the item (per our tracked delivery).

We have a strict 14 day (from tracking date of delivery) to return the item to us to be eligible for an exchange.

Once an item has been worn (more than just tried on) or washed, we cannot take it to exchange. Please do not return items for an exchange that are damaged. This includes odors, stains, tears and pet hair. If we're out of your size, we will issue a store gift card (electronic) in the amount of the retail value of the item. Buyer is responsible for return shipping fees.

Before purchasing, please make careful consideration to the description to find out if your item is a Final Sale Item. Final Sale items are NOT available for exchanges, no exceptions.   

You sent me the wrong size/wrong item, can I get the correct one sent to me?

Mistakes happen of course, we are humans in this shop :) But no worries, we will happily fix any error. Please contact us at hello@ittybittytittygoods.com and reference your order number for faster processing, to let us know and we'll take care of you.


My item was sent to the wrong shipping address, what can I do?

Please review your order and ensure that your address is correct and on file with USPS.We are not responsible for any items that are returned to us because of an undeliverable address or unsecured delivery site as determined by USPS. If an item is returned to us, the buyer is responsible for all return shipping fees to the correct address. Please contact us at hello@ittybittytittygoods.com right away if you have entered the wrong address. Once we ship the item, we are unable to change the address it goes to. You may contact USPS to see if you are eligible for a package intercept by following this link here: https://www.usps.com/manage/package-intercept.htm 

The customer is responsible for any and all fees associated with changing package delivery, customs fees, etc.

Are their customs fees on my international order?

Most items shipped to other countries will incur a customs fee. Please check with your local government customs site to see what the costs will be. They are based on your order total and vary. We are not responsible for failure to pay customs fees. If an item is returned to us because of failure to pay customs fees, the customer will need to purchase an additional shipping label.

We put a ton of effort and love into everything in our shop. We pride ourselves on being different and providing you with some of the most unique products on the market. We do appreciate any feedback on our products you can provide.